Cancer-Gemini Compatibility

Or see how all the water and air element sun signs do together

and their decan compatibility

Successful/Ongoing Relationships vs. Failed Relationships

 1. Perry Wilson and Joseph Anthony  1. Leueen MacGrath and Desmond Davis
 2. Omi Minami and Yuji  2. Susan Cummings and Keith Larsen
 3. Vanessa Ray and Landon Beard  3. Anny Duperey and Bernard Giraudeau
 4. Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki  4. Mary Lou Dix and Bud Wolfe
 5. Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying  5. Mick Jones and Ellen Foley
 6. Joanna Kulig and Maciej Bochniak  6. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
 7. Melissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze  7. Meggie Eaton and Ben Warriss
 8. Sarah Lind and Tygh Runyan  8. Bill Boggs and Linda Thorson
 9. Thomas Ian Nicholas and DJ Colette  9. Terrence Mann and Juliette Bora
 10. Michael B. Silver and Katie Mitchell  10. Ginger Rogers and Jack Pepper
 11. Rhea Durham and Mark Wahlberg  11. Luther Reed and Jocelyn Lee
 12. Mia Dillon and Keir Dullea  12. Viola Dana and Maurice Flynn
 13. Anya Epstein and Dan Futterman  13. Robert Ellis and May Allison
 14. Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil  14. George Sanders and Magda Gabor
 15. Reggie Rock Bythewood and Gina Prince-Bythewood  15. Elliott Alexander and Victoria Shaw
 16. John Simm and Kate Magowan  16. Franka Potente and Tom Tykwer
 17. Wolfram de Marco and Marie-Alise Recasner  17. Mark Herron and Judy Garland
 18. Jefferson Machamer and Pauline Moore  18. Riza Royce and Josef von Sternberg
 19. John Tesh and Connie Sellecca  19. Ginger Rogers and Jacques Bergerac
 20. Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton  20. Robert Evans and Camilla Sparv
 21. Ann Hearn and Stephen Tobolowsky  21. Justin Bartha and Ashley Olsen
 22. Budd Granoff and Kitty Kallen  22. Brigitte Nielsen and Kasper Winding
 23. Tod Browning and Alice Wilson  23. Victor Willis and Phylicia Rashad
 24. Tracy Pollan and Michael J. Fox  24. Golshifteh Farahani and Louis Garrel
 25. Louise Allbritton and Charles Collingwood  25. Nicola Sirkis and Marie Guillard
 26. Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal  26. Jerry Doyle and Andrea Thompson
 27. Craig Stevens and Alexis Smith  27. Roger Miremont and Patti D’Arbanville
 28. Isa Miranda and Alfredo Guarini  28. Jeffrey Tambor and Katie Mitchell
 29. Charlotte Greenwood and Martin Broones  29. Craig Charles and Cathy Tyson
 30. Jerry Belson and JoAnn Harris  30. Vince Edwards and Linda Foster
 31. Jean Kent and Josef Ramart  31. Judith Rawlins and Vic Damone
 32. Budd Granoff and Kitty Kallen  32. Lili Damita and Errol Flynn
 33. Susan Seaforth Hayes and Bill Hayes  33. Ruth Warrick and Erik Rolf
 34. Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy  34. Cara Williams and John Drew Barrymore
 35. Marjorie Fowler and Gene Fowler Jr.  35. Lupe Vélez and Johnny Weissmuller
 36. Bryan Forbes and Nanette Newman  36. Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman
 37. John Marshall and Joan Van Ark  37. Amelita Ward and Leo Gorcey
 38. James Cagney and Frances Cagney  38. Mel Harris and Cotter Smith
 39. Cyril Fletcher and Betty Astell  39. Greta Schröder and Ernst Matray
 40. Richard Bull and Barbara Collentine  40. Diahann Carroll and Vic Damone
 41. T.J. Wilson and Natalie Neidhart  41. Michelle McDonald and Timothy A. Bennett
 42. Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci  42. David Henrie and Lucy Hale
 43. Janina Kolesnichenko and Anatoly Kot  43. Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson
 44. Laura Gallacher and Russell Brand  44. Red Skelton and Edna Skelton
 45. Samy Naceri and Marie Guillard  45. Penelope Windust and Charles Haid
 46. Paul Cerrito and Yasmine Bleeth  46. Margaret Matheson and David Hare
 47. John Calvin Peoples and Jane Russell  47. Paul Macherey and Laurel Holloman
 48. Antoinette Cellier and Bruce Seton  48. Charles Eyton and Kathlyn Williams
 49. Lucille Carroll and John Carroll  49. Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis
 50. La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony  50. Susan Hayward and Jess Barker
 51. Isabeli Fontana and Diego Ferrero  51. Dina Eastwood and Clint Eastwood
 52. Vilde Falck-Ytter and Bjørn Dæhlie  52. Brigitte Nielsen and Raoul Meyer
 53. Kurt Warner and Brenda Warner  53. Jack Garfein and Carroll Baker
 54. Freddie Fields and Corinna Tsopei  54. Dorothy Short and Dave O’Brien
 55. Jennifer Montana and Joe Montana  55. Betty Bird and Gustav Ucicky
 56. Duke of Windsor and Duchess of Windsor  56. Koki Mitani and Satomi Kobayashi
 57. Blossom Seeley and Benny Fields  57. Samy Naceri and Marie Guillard
 58. Oscar Hammerstein II and Dorothy Hammerstein  58. Slim Keith and Howard Hawks
 59. Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards  59. Tim O’Connor and Mary Foskett
 60. Robin Williams and Marsha Garces Williams
 61. Berthold Viertel and Salka Viertel
 62. Arthur Bourchier and Violet Vanbrugh
 63. Maria Matray and Ernst Matray
 64. Lee Mead and Denise Van Outen
 65. Charlene Polite and Ramon Bieri
 66. Marc Terenzi and Sarah Connor
 67. Daniel Camhi and Patrice Martinez
 68. Francis Corby and Ellen Corby
 69. Mary Ford and Les Paul
 70. Maria Luz Corral and Pancho Villa
 71. Belinda Carroll and Simon Williams
 72.  Robin Fox and Angela Fox
 73. Camille Keaton and Meir Zarchi
 74. Grevinde Alexandra and Prins Joachim

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