Leo-Pisces Compatibility

or how all the fire and water element Sun signs do together

and their decan compatibility

Successful/Ongoing Relationships vs. Failed Relationships

1. David Denman and Mercedes Masohn 1. Richard Berry and Jessica Forde
2. Peter Krause and Lauren Graham 2. Barbara Markham and Cyril Chamberlain
3. Christina Cox and Grant Mattos 3. Emil Jannings and Lucie Höflich
4. Jean Reno and Zofia Borucka 4. Tom Tyler and Jeanne Martel
5. Enzo Cilenti and Sienna Guillory 5. Glenn Tryon and Lillian Hall
6. Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt 6. Claude Dauphin and Rosine Deréan
7. Christopher Gorhman and Anel Lopez Gorham 7. Andrew Allan and Judith Evelyn
8. Emil Jannings and Gussy Holl 8. Nicolas Roeg and Theresa Russell
9. Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance 9. Ursula Sieg and Wolfgang Petersen
10. John Slattery and Talia Balsam 10. Don Galloway and Linda Galloway
11. Lauren Tom and Curt Kaplan 11. Tom Green and Drew Barrymore
12. Carole Needham and Christopher Gable 12. Betsey Johnson and John Cale
13. Karen Jensen and Brendon Boone 13. Anita Page and Nacio Herb Brown
14. Marjorie Reynolds and John Whitney 14. Dick Irving Hyland and Rochelle Hudson
15. F. McGrew Willis and Viola Barry 15. Louise Platt and Jed Harris
16. Christopher Crowe and Cristina Raines 16. Alan Curtis and Priscilla Lawson
17. Jennifer Warner and Roger Gimbel 17. Constance Worth and George Brent
18. Akira Nakao and Shino Ikenami 18. Joan Taylor and Walter Grauman
19. Don Most and Morgan Most 19. Kiel Martin and Claudia Martin
20. Ethyle Cooke and Harry Benham 20. Jill St. John and Lance Reventlow
21. Alexander H. Cohen and Hildy Parks 21. Edward Furlong and Rachael Bella
22. Sarah Lawson and Patrick Allen 22. Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns
23. John Hamilton-Gordon and Ishbel Hamilton-Gordon 23. Rick Fox and Vanessa L. Williams
24. Joe Besser and Erna Kay 24. Eddie Fisher and Elizabeth Taylor
25. Michael Foot and Jill Craigie 25. Beata Tyszkiewicz and Andrzej Wajda
26. Ermanno Olmi and Loredana Detto 26. Vicki Morgan and John David Carson
27. Cecily Byrne and Felix Aylmer 27. Myrna Loy and Arthur Hornblow Jr.
28. Geoffrey Holder and Carmen de Lavallade 28. William Keighley and Elda Vokel
29. Edward Ashley Cooper and Renee Torres 29. Michael Wilding and Elizabeth Taylor
30. Gail Anderson and Jim Mallon 30. Matt LeBlanc and Missy McKnight
31. Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett 31. Natasha Henstridge and Liam Waite
32. Rafael Reyes and Kat Von D 32. Lila Lee and James Kirkwood
33. Chiquinquirá Delgado and Jorge Ramos 33. Wim Wenders and Edda Kochl
34. Layla Alizada and Noel Fisher 34. Pamela Matthews and Cesare Danova
35. Bec Hewitt and Lleyton Hewitt 35. Blanche Montel and Henri Decoin
36. Burney Lamar and Niki Taylor 36. James Gunn and Jenna Fischer
37. Jesse Itzler and Sara Blakely 37. Amanda Redman and Robert Glenister
38. Carl Edwards and Katherine Downey 38. Flor Silvestre and Paco Malgesto
39. Om Prakash Jindal and Savitri Jindal 39. John Derek and Ursula Andress
40. Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant 40. Diane Venora and Andrzej Bartkowiak
41. Maxine Waters and Sid Williams 41. Harlem Yu and Annie Shizuka
42. Princess Anne and Timothy Laurence 42. Elaine Anderson and Zachary Scott
43. Yvonne Printemps and Sacha Guitry
44. Garrison Keillor and Mary Guntzel
45. Jean Hagen and Tom Seidel
46. Anne Sidaris-Reeves and Andy Sidaris
47. Ann Dvorak and Leslie Fenton
48. Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman
49. Julius J. Epstein and Frances Sage
50. William Asher and Danni Sue Nolan
51. Slash and Perla Ferrar
52. David Duchovny and Tea Leoni
53. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz
54. LaVelda Fann and Robert Conrad
55. Marshall Stedman and Myrtle Stedman
56. Bert Convy and Anne Anderson
57. William Carr and Mary Carr
58. Chinquinquira Delgado and Guillermo Davila
59. Vadim Mulerman and Veronika Kruglova
60. Carol Huston and David Hume Kennerly
61. Richard L. Bare and Jeanne Evans
62. Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith and Kenny Smith
63. Tito Gomez and Linda Cristal
64. Dan Donovan and Patsy Kensit
65. Ben Piazza and Dolores Dorn
66. Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon


Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010) starring Jennifer Love Hewitt, David Conrad, and Camryn Manheim


Analyze This (1999) starring Robert DeNiro and Billy Crystal

Orphan (2009) starring Peter Sarsgaard, Vera Farmiga, and Isabelle Fuhrman

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine

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