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List of con artists

Gregor MacGregor (December 24, 1786)-Capricorn, Scottish con man who tried to attract investment and settlers for the non-existent country of “Poyais”

Jeanne of Valois-Saint-Rémy (July 22, 1756)-Cancer, Chief conspirator in the Affair of the Diamond Necklace, which further tarnished the French royal family’s already-poor reputation and, along with other causes, eventually led to the French Revolution.

Lou Bonger (May 13, 1849)-Taurus, Organized a massive ring of con men in Denver in the early 1900s

Victor Lustig (January 4, 1890)-Capricorn, was a con artist who undertook scams in various countries and became best known as “The man who sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice.”

Charles Ponzi, (March 3, 1882)-Pisces, “Ponzi scheme” is a “get rich fast” fraud named after him

Soapy Smith (November 2, 1860)-Scorpio, Jefferson Randolph Smith II organized bunco and crime boss in Denver and Creede, Colorado, and Skagway, Alaska, in the 1880s and 1890s

Joseph Weil (July 1, 1875)-Cancer, American con man

Bernie Cornfeld (17 August 1927)-Leo, Ran the Investors Overseas Service, alleged to be a Ponzi scheme

Ferdinand Waldo Demara, Jr. (December 21, 1921)-Sagittarius, Famed as “the Great Imposter”

Harry Jelinek (14 October 1905)-Libra, Czech con artist alleged to have sold the Karlstejn Castle to American industrialists.

Donald D. “Don” Lapre (May 19, 1964)-Taurus, American TV pitchman known for peddling various get-rich-quick schemes

Gaston Bullock Means (July 11, 1879)-Cancer, American con-man and associate of the Ohio Gang

Alvin Clarence Thomas (November 30, 1893)-Sagittarius, Gambler, golf hustler, proposition bet conman

Frank William Abagnale, Jr. (April 27, 1948)-Taurus, U.S. check forger and impostor; his autobiography was made into the movie Catch Me If You Can

Sergio Cragnotti (January 9, 1940)-Capricorn, Former Italian industrialist and president of a football team who masterminded the Cirio bankruptcy.

Ali Dia (August 20, 1965)-Leo, Senegalese semi-professional footballer, duped the manager of Premier League team Southampton into signing him after posing as World Player of The Year George Weah in a phone call in which he convinced the manager to sign Dia to a contract.

Marc Stuart Dreier (May 12, 1950)-Taurus, Founder of attorney firm Dreier LLP. Convicted of selling approximately $700 million worth of fictitious promissory notes, and other crimes.

Robert Hendy-Freegard (1 March 1971)-Pisces, Briton who kidnapped people by impersonating an MI5 agent and conned them out of money.

James Arthur Hogue (October 22, 1959)-Libra, U.S. impostor who most famously entered Princeton University by posing as a self-taught orphan

Sante Kimes (July 24, 1934)-Leo, Convicted of fraud, robbery, murder, and over 100 other crimes

Bernard Lawrence “Bernie” Madoff (April 29, 1938)-Taurus, Former American stock broker and non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market who admitted to the operation of the largest Ponzi scheme in history.

Barry Jay Minkow (March 17, 1967)-Pisces, Known for the ZZZZ Best scam

Richard Allen Minsky (March 15, 1944)-Pisces, Scammed female victims for sex by pretending to be jailed family members over the phone.

Louis Jay “Lou” Pearlman (June 19, 1954)-Gemini, Former boy band impresario, convicted for perpetrating a large and long-running Ponzi scheme.

Steven Jay Russell (September 14, 1957)-Virgo, Georgia police officer who impersonated several individuals to escape from a Texas prison; embezzled from the North American Medical Management corporation. Inspired a movie titled: “I Love You Phillip Morris”

Calisto Tanzi (November 17, 1938)-Scorpio, Former Italian industrialist and president of Parmalat, which he led to one of the costliest bankruptcies in history.

Kevin Trudeau (February 6, 1963)-Aquarius, US writer and billiards promoter, convicted of fraud and larceny, known for late-night infomercials and books about “Natural Cures ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About”

Alessandro Zarrelli (5 September 1984)-Virgo, Italian who posed as an Italian Football Federation official who was offering a young professional player (himself) for a cultural exchange to the United Kingdom. He signed with one club and trained with several more before being caught out













List of Imposters

Cassie Chadwick (10 October 1857)-Libra, is the infamous name used by a Canadian woman who defrauded several U.S. banks out of millions of dollars by claiming to be an illegitimate daughter and heiress of Andrew Carnegie.

David Hampton (April 28, 1964)-Taurus, who pretended to be the son of Sidney Poitier

Arthur Orton (20 March 1834)-Pisces, also known as the Tichborne Claimant, who claimed to be the missing heir Sir Roger Tichborne

Cyril Henry Hoskin (8 April 1910)-Aries, who claimed to be a deceased Tibetan Lama possessing the body of Cyril Hoskins and wrote a number of books based on that premise

James Addison Reavis (May 10, 1843)-Taurus, who claimed he owned Arizona

Christophe Thierry Rocancourt (July 16, 1967)-Cancer, who pretended to be a member of the Rockefeller family

Leander William Tomarkin (13 December 1895)-Sagittarius, fake doctor who became the personal physician of Victor Emmanuel III of Italy. Albert Einstein assumed the honorary presidency of one of his medical conferences in 1931

Friedrich Wilhelm Voigt (13 February 1849)-Aquarius, who masqueraded as the “Captain of Köpenick”

Korla Pandit (September 16, 1921)-Virgo, African-American pianist/organist who pretended to be from India

Anna Anderson (16 December 1896)-Sagittarius, was the best known of several impostors who claimed to be Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia.

Alexis Brimeyer (4 May 1946)-Taurus, Belgian who claimed connection to various European royal houses

Mary Carleton (11 January 1642)-Capricorn, who was, amongst other things, a false princess and bigamist

Count Juan Raphael Dante (2 February 1939)-Aquarius, is the real name of John Keehan. In his campaign to promote his system of martial arts, he also claimed victories in various secret deathmatches in Asia, and mercenary activity in Cuba, none of which carried documented proof.

Eugenio Lascorz y Labastida (26 March 1886)-Aries, who claimed connection to the royal house of the Byzantine Empire

Terence Francis MacCarthy (21 January 1957)-Aquarius, styled himself MacCarthy Mór and “Prince of Desmond”

Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair (18 March 1920)-Pisces, the mastermind behind the Priory of Sion hoax who claimed to be Merovingian, a pretender to the throne of France

Frederick William Rolfe (22 July 1860)-Cancer, who is better known as Baron Corvo

Marilee Jones (June 12, 1951)-Gemini, Dean of Admissions at MIT and best-selling author who claimed advanced degrees in science fields. After ten years in the post, she was revealed to have only a high school diploma.

George Joseph O’Leary (August 17, 1946)-Leo, who, in 2001, was hired and fired within 5 days as the head football coach of the University of Notre Dame, when it was discovered that he did not have a master’s degree from “NYU-Stony Brook University” (a non-existent institution), as stated on his résumé.

Scott Thompson (November 13, 1957)-Scorpio, who, in 2012, was hired as the CEO of Yahoo!, on the basis of holding a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and computer science. It was discovered four months later that he did not hold a computer science degree; he thus left the company.

Asa Earl Carter (September 4, 1925)-Virgo, who under the alias of supposedly Cherokee writer Forrest Carter, authored several books, including The Education of Little Tree

Iron Eyes Cody (April 3, 1904)-Aries, Italian American actor (the “crying Indian chief” in the “Keep America Beautiful” public service announcements in the early 1970s), who claimed to be of Cherokee-Cree ancestry

Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance (December 1, 1890)-Sagittarius, an African American who claimed to be the son of a Blackfoot chief

Grey Owl (September 18, 1888)-Virgo, an Englishman who took on the identity of an Ojibwa

Frédéric Bourdin (13 June 1974)-Gemini, is a French serial impostor the press has nicknamed “The Chameleon”

Barry Bremen (June 30, 1947)-Cancer, known in the sports world as The Great Imposter, after pretending to be a MLB umpire, a NBA All-Star, and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, among other things

Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter (February 21, 1961)-Pisces, German impostor and convicted murderer who claimed to be a member of the Rockefeller family, among other things

Stanley Clifford Weyman (November 25, 1890)-Sagittarius, American multiple impostor who impersonated public officials, including the U.S. Secretary of State and various military officers

Laurel Rose Willson (August 18, 1941)-Leo, who claimed to be “Lauren Stratford”, a victim of satanic ritual abuse, and later on, Holocaust survivor, “Laura Grabowski”

Mamoru Samuragochi (21 September 1963)-Virgo, who claimed to be a “deaf composer”, though it was later revealed that his hearing ability has already improved and most of his works were written by Takashi Niigaki, condutor of “Onimusha Soundtrack”, produced by Samuragouchi.

Women who lived as men

Nadezhda Andreyevna Durova (September 17, 1783)-Virgo, also known as Alexander Durov, Alexander Sokolov and Alexander Andreevich Alexandrov, was a woman who, while disguised as a man, became a decorated soldier in the Russian cavalry during the Napoleonic wars.

Dorothy Lawrence (4 October 1896)-Libra, was an English reporter, who secretly posed as a man to become a soldier during World War I.

Deborah Gannett (December 17, 1760)-Sagittarius, better known as Deborah Sampson, was a woman who disguised herself as a man in order to serve in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War.

Mary Anne Talbot (February 2, 1778)-Aquarius, was an Englishwoman who wore male dress and became a sailor during the Napoleonic wars.

William Lee “Billy” Tipton (December 29, 1914)-Capricorn, was an American jazz musician and bandleader

Loreta Janeta Velázquez (June 26, 1842)-Cancer, was a Cuban-born woman who claimed that she masqueraded as a male Confederate soldier during the American Civil War.

Military imposters

Joseph Cafasso, Jr. (August 2, 1956)-Leo, former Fox News military analyst who claimed to have been a highly decorated Special Forces soldier and Vietnam War veteran. He actually served in the U.S. Army for only 44 days in 1976.

Wester Shadric “Wes” Cooley (March 28, 1932)-Aries, former U.S. Congressman from Oregon who claimed to have fought in the Korean War. He served in the U.S. Army for two years, but was never in Korea.

Brian Mannion Dennehy (July 9, 1938)-Cancer, American actor who claimed to have fought in the Vietnam War. He served in the United States Marine Corps for four years, but was never in Vietnam.

Joseph John Ellis (July 18, 1943)-Cancer, American professor and historian who claimed a tour of duty in the Vietnam War. His actual military record consisted of obtaining a graduate student deferral of service until 1969 and then teaching history at West Point until 1972.

Alan Mcilwraith (3 March 1978)-Pisces, a call centre worker from Glasgow who, among other things, claimed that he was a decorated captain in the British Army. Mcilwraith had never served in the military.

James Gerard Richard Shortt (16 September 1953)-Virgo, Director-General of the International Bodyguard Association, who at various times made false claims to have served in the British Special Air Service, Parachute Regiment and military and law enforcement units around the world. Shortt’s actual military experience only amounted to a few months’ part-time service in the British Territorial Army.

Micah Ian Wright (February 7, 1974)-Aquarius, anti-war activist who claimed to be an Army Ranger involved in the United States invasion of Panama and several other covert operations. He was an ROTC student in college, but never took a commission and never served in the military.



Charles-Geneviève-Louis-Auguste-André-Timothée d’Éon de Beaumont (5 October 1728-Libra), usually known as the Chevalier d’Éon, was a French diplomat, spy, freemason[1] and soldier who fought in the Seven Years’ War. D’Éon had androgynous physical characteristics and natural abilities as a mimic, good features for a spy. D’Éon appeared publicly as a man and pursued masculine occupations for 49 years, although during that time d’Éon successfully infiltrated the court of Empress Elizabeth of Russia by presenting as a woman.

John Howard Griffin (June 16, 1920)-Gemini, was an American journalist and author, much of whose writing was about racial equality. He is best known for darkening his skin and journeying through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia to experience segregation in the Deep South in 1959. He wrote about this experience in his 1961 book Black Like Me.

Alicia Esteve Head (July 31, 1973)-Leo, is a Spanish woman who claimed to be a survivor of the World Trade Center September 11 attacks under the name Tania Head.

Paul Jordan-Smith (April 19, 1885)-Aries, was an American Unitarian minister who worked as a writer and editor. Academically, he is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the 17th-century British author and scholar Robert Burton. However, he is most well known for his participation in the hoax art movement Disumbrationism.

Treva J. Throneberry (May 18, 1969)-Taurus, is a convicted American con artist who spent most of her twenties pretending to be a teenager














Messiah Claimants

Jewish messiah claimants

Sabbatai Zevi (August 1, 1626)-Leo, was a Sephardic Rabbi and kabbalist who claimed to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. He was the founder of the Jewish Sabbatean movement.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902)-Aries, known to many as the Rebbe, was a Russian-born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century.


Christian messiah claimants

Mother Ann Lee (29 February 1736)-Pisces, was the leader of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, or Shakers.

Bernhard Müller (March 21, 1788)-Aries, claimed to be the Lion of Judah and a prophet in possession of the Philosopher’s stone.

Arnold Potter (January 11, 1804)-Capricorn, was a self-declared Messiah and a leader of a schismatic sect in the Latter Day Saint movement.

Hong Xiuquan (1 January 1814)-Capricorn, was a Hakka Chinese who led the Taiping Rebellion against the Qing Dynasty, establishing the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom over varying portions of southern China, with himself as the “Heavenly King” and self-proclaimed brother of Jesus Christ.

Bahá’u’lláh (2 November 1817)-Scorpio, was the founder of the Bahá’í Faith. He claimed to be the prophetic fulfilment of Bábism, a 19th-century outgrowth of Shí‘ism, but in a broader sense claimed to be a messenger from God referring to the fulfilment of the eschatological expectations of Islam, Christianity, and other major religions.

William W. Davies (August 9, 1833)-Leo, was the leader of a Latter Day Saint schismatic group called the Kingdom of Heaven, which was located near Walla Walla, Washington from 1867 to 1881.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (13 February 1835)-Aquarius was the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.

Cyrus Reed Teed (October 18, 1839)-Libra, was a U.S. eclectic physician and alchemist turned religious leader and messiah. In 1869, claiming divine inspiration, Dr. Teed took on the name Koresh and proposed a new set of scientific and religious ideas he called Koreshanity.

André Grenard Matsoua (17 January)-Capricorn, was a Congolese Lari religious figure and politician born in Manzakala-Kinkala in then Middle Congo, a rare influential figure in Congolese politics before independence in 1960. He inspired a messianic cult, Matsouanism, that emerged in the French Equatorial African capital, Brazzaville.

Samael Aun Weor (March 6, 1917)-Pisces, was an author, lecturer and founder of the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement

Ahn Sahng-hong (13 January 1918)-Capricorn, was a Korean Christian minister and founder of Witnesses of Jesus Church of God.

Sun Myung Moon (25 February 1920)-Pisces, was a Korean religious leader, businessperson, political activist, and media mogul. A self-proclaimed messiah, he was the founder of the Unification Church, and of its widely noted “Blessing” or mass wedding ceremony, and the author of its unique theology the Divine Principle.

Yahweh ben Yahweh (October 27, 1927)-Scorpio, founder and leader of the Nation of Yahweh, a black supremacist new religious movement founded in 1979

Laszlo Toth (1 July 1938)-Cancer, was a Hungarian-born Australian geologist. He achieved worldwide notoriety when he vandalised Michelangelo’s Pietà statue on 21 May 1972, and stated “I am Jesus Christ — risen from the dead.”

Iesu Matayoshi (February 5, 1944)-Aquarius, in 1997 he established the World Economic Community Party based on his conviction that he is God and the Christ.

Claude Maurice Marcel Vorilhon (30 September 1946)-Libra, is the founder and current leader of the UFO religion known as Raëlism. Following what he said was an extraterrestrial encounter in December 1973, he formed the Raëlian Movement and changed his name to Raël (allegedly meaning “messenger of the elohim”). He later published several books, which detail his claims of an encounter with a being called Yahweh in 1973. He traveled the world to promote his books for over 30 years.

José Luis de Jesús Miranda (April 22, 1946)-Taurus, was the leader of the Creciendo en Gracia sect, based in Miami, Florida. He claimed to be both the returned phase of Jesus Christ and the Antichrist; he was known for making statements that opposed the precepts of the Roman Catholic Church but that followed his interpretation of the Bible. He was previously known as el Jesucristo Hombre (which translates, roughly, to “the Jesus-Christ Man”) but shortly after his death his followers granted him the title of Melchizedek because, as stated by his official site, he attained his new and final name which means king of justice and king of peace.

Inri Cristo (March 22, 1948)-Aries, is a Brazilian educator who claims to be Jesus Christ reincarnated.

Apollo Quiboloy (April 25, 1950)-Taurus, founder and leader of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ religious group, who claims that Jesus Christ is the “Almighty Father,” that Quiboloy is “His Appointed Son,” and that salvation is now completed. Proclaims himself as the “Appointed Son of the God” not direct to the point as the “Begotten Son of the God” in 1985.

David Icke (April 29, 1952)-Taurus, of Great Britain, has described himself as “the son of God”, and a “channel for the Christ spirit”.

Brian David Mitchell (October 18, 1953)-Libra, he believed himself the fore-ordained angel born on earth to be the Davidic “servant” prepared by God as a type of Messiah who would restore the divinely led kingdom of Israel to the world in preparation for Christ’s second coming. (Mitchell’s belief in such an end-times figure – also known among many fundamentalist Latter Day Saints as “the One Mighty and Strong” – appeared to be based in part on a reading of the biblical book of Isaiah by the independent LDS Hebraist, Avraham Gileadi, with which Mitchell became familiar from his former participation with Stirling Allan’s American Study Group.)

David Koresh (August 17, 1959)-Leo, was the American leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet.

Sergey Anatolyevitch Torop (January 14, 1961)-Leo, is a Russian mystic and sect leader. He founded and heads a religious or sect movement known as the Church of the Last Testament with its head church in the Siberian Taiga in the Minusinsk Depression east of Abakan, in the southern Siberia Kuraginsk district of Krasnoyarsk territory, in the small settlement of Petropavlovka. He has around 4,000 followers (called Vissarionites) living in the settlement and around 10,000 followers worldwide

David Shayler (24 December 1965)-Capricorn, is a British journalist and former MI5 (Security Service) officer. In an article in the Daily Mail Shayler claimed that he was the son of God stating, “I am the messiah and hold the secret of eternal life,” and that he was the reincarnation of various historical figures.


Muslim Messiah claimants

Syed Muhammad Mahdi Mau’ood (September 9, 1443)-Virgo, commonly known as Nur Pak was a perfect Saint who claimed to be Imam Mahdi at the holy city of Mecca, right in front of Kaaba (between rukn and maqam) in the Hijri year 901(10th Hijri), and is revered as such by Mahdavia and Zikris.

Siyyid `Alí Mu?ammad Shírází (October 20, 1819)-Libra, was the founder of Bábism, and one of three central figures of the Bahá’í Faith. He was a merchant from Shiraz, Persia who, at the age of twenty-four (on May 22, 1844), claimed to be an inspired interpreter of the Qur’an within the Shaykhi school of Twelver Shi’ism. He made bolder claims as time passed, and in 1847, during a trial in Tabriz, asserted a claim to be the Shi’i ‘promised one’ or Qá’im (or Mahdi). After his declaration he took the title of Báb (/’b??b/, Arabic: ????) meaning “Gate” or “Door”. He composed numerous letters and books in which he stated his messianic claims and defined his teachings, which constituted a new sharí’ah or religious law. His movement eventually acquired thousands of supporters, was opposed by Iran’s Shi’i clergy, and was suppressed by the Iranian government, leading to the persecution and killing of between two and three thousand of his followers, called Bábís. In 1850, at the age of thirty, the Báb was shot by a firing squad in Tabriz.

Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah (August 12, 1844)-Leo, was a religious leader of the Samaniyya order in Sudan who, on June 29, 1881, proclaimed himself the Mahdi (or Madhi), the messianic redeemer of the Islamic faith

Sayyid Muhammad `Abd Allah al-Hasan (April 7, 1856)-Aries, was a Somali religious and patriotic leader. Referred to as the Mad Mullah by the British, he established the Dervish State in Somalia that fought the 20 year Somaliland Campaign against British, Italian and Ethiopian forces.

Rashad Khalifa (November 19, 1935)-Scorpio, was an Egyptian-American biochemist, closely associated with the United Submitters International. He was assassinated on January 31, 1990. Khalifa said that he was a messenger of God and that the archangel Gabriel “most assertively” told him that chapter 36, verse 3, of the Quran, “specifically” referred to him. His followers refer to him as God’s Messenger of the Covenant. He promoted a strict monotheism and was a prominent Quranist, rejecting the hadith and sunnah as fabrications attributed to Muhammad by later scholars.

Juhayman al-Otaybi (16 September 1936)-Virgo was a religious activist and militant who led the takeover of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Islam’s holiest site, to protest against the Saudi monarchy and their ruling, in the last months of 1979.


Other messiah claimants

Haile Selassie (23 July 1892)-Leo, Messiah of the Rastafari movement. Never claimed himself to be Messiah, but was thus proclaimed by Leonard Howell, amongst others.

Shree Nirmala Srivastava (21 March 1923)-Aries, was the founder of Sahaja Yoga, a meditation technique and new religious movement. She claimed to have been born in a fully realised state and spent her life working for peace by developing and promoting a simple technique through which people can achieve their own self-realization. Shri Mataji never charged for her instruction in Sahaja Yoga which is now practised and taught for free in over 140 countries.

Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi (25 November 1941)-Sagittarius, is a spiritual leader and the founder of the spiritual movements Messiah Foundation International (MFI) and Anjuman Serfaroshan-e-Islam. He is controversial for being declared the Mehdi, Messiah, and Kalki Avatar by the MFI.

Ryuho Okawa (7 July 1956)-Cancer, is the founder of Happy Science in Japan. Okawa claims to channel the spirits of Muhammad, Christ, Buddha and Confucius and claims to be the incarnation of the supreme spiritual being called El Cantare.













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